314 N Bryant
San Angelo, Tx

1911 S Chadbourne
San Angelo, Tx

3334 Knickerbocker
San Angelo, Tx

720 West 29th St.
San Angelo, Tx

If you are looking for a Mexican Restaurant look no further! We are one of the best restaurants in town. With our clean dining room and friendly staff and homemade food made fast we are truly a fastaurant. Rather you are looking for Mexican breakfast or lunch Julio’s is the place to be.

Julio's burritos were voted best in San Angelo. Julio's breakfast burritos are made fresh with a special blend of spices, mixed with your choice of fresh jalapenos, egg, chorizo, bacon, ham, sausage potato, cheese and tomatoes for a mouth-watering taste that keeps you reaching for just one more bite. Or try our Egg a la Mexicana (this is spicy), machacado.

Many of our customers tell us that Julio's tortillas and Julio's breakfast are a perfect team: they taste so well together. But you don't have to stick to breakfast. People love our lunch just as much. Tapatios, crispy tacos, fajitas and so much more made fresh. Some would even say one of the best Mexican restaurants. We have seen our salsa spooned on to many of our homemade Mexican plates and famous Julio's Burritos.